«I want to thank everyone for being so nice and concerned. And in a special way thanks Dr. Chugay for doing miracles on my breast I cant stop looking at them. Special thanks to Lucy for being a terrific person. (And Alfonso, god bless him, he gave me the courage and peace of mind which my heart needed on that special moment of my surgery, god bless you always.»
Monica Romero

Both in the past and present, the breast has been one of the key attributes of female and male physical identity. The size, appearance and shape of the breast have assumed great importance to both the patient herself and her admirers.

Breast Augmentation Surgery (or enlargement) is generally performed on women with underdeveloped breasts or on women who have experienced a decrease in breast size or shape due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast Reduction Surgery Reduction Mammaplasty) is ideal for patients with excessively large breasts. The procedure allows removal of a portion of the breast gland, skin, fat and other tissues making breasts smaller, shapelier and firmer with better shaped and positioned nipples.

Many women, over the years, develop sagging and aesthetically displeasing breasts. Such factors as pregnancy, nursing, and simply aging play a part. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag.