«Dear Dr., Chugay! Just to let you know that your staff is the friendliest group of people I’ve met. Thanks for all of your support»
Maria Spadoni

The history of modern medicine is not written by those who stolidly follow the beaten path, but by those who, with tenacity and dedication, surge forth searching for excellence and constant improvement and experimentation believing it to be the basic reason and purpose of a surgeon’s life.

It has been said that all of Dr. Chugay’s professional tenure has been a devotion to investigation, converting his practice into a living laboratory of progress. Aesthetic Surgery is not a craft, but the embodiment of art and enthusiasm, which strives to define and improve the quality of human condition through external beauty. Dr. Chugay helped define its philosophy, its working foundations and the elaborations of its technique.

Aesthetic Surgery is a living art. A true professional will always dedicate his or her work not only to improvement of existing technique, but also to advancement of innovative and revolutionary methodologies. The procedures listed here are merely some of Dr. Chugay’s latest creations. Like all of modern medicine, they are based on collaborative research and years of practical experience; they have all been tested through practice and theoretical research.

These methods have been described in the news, in print, on television and on the radio. They have also been presented to other practicing surgeons around the globe, in meetings and congresses, as well as taught to over 30 talented post-graduate fellows, personally hand-picked by Dr. Chugay.